Bespoke Organic Intelligence®

Bespoke Organic Intelligence® is the next evolution of predictive insight. We step beyond the black-box, we’re smarter than you, traditional forms of artificial intelligence, and create predictive insights that are organic in nature, i.e. ones that are readable by both humans and computers. While we’re perfectly happy to throw your data into a big Random Forest algorithm, or run your data through a Deep Learning Neural Network, we see little to no business value (in most cases) in giving you results that may or may not tie directly to business drivers. Organic Intelligence is an evolution where we start with the key drivers that you already rely on (for example, things like How Much has the Customer Spent? How Long has the Customer been with us?) and tell you how much they impact future performance and how much value there is in focusing on one aspect of the business over the other.

We’ve seen many instances where literally hundreds of variables, on messy data, are thrown into an AI “soup”, where some black-box, readable to PHD only algorithm, produces a result which is supposedly smarter than you. Because, AI. Bespoke Organic Intelligence is the perfect marriage between data science and actual business problems, adaptive, intuitive and bespoke custom built for the way you run your business.