Bespoke Serenity®

Bespoke Serenity®
Compensation & Planning Analytics 

Bespoke Serenity® suite of products consist of 5 a-la-carte products that will reduce time, effort and waste in the planning process, allow for timely audits and analytics with respect to compensation paid, match company goals to individual targets, as well as provide high-quality performance visibility and scorecards to ensure your salesforce is motivated and driving towards their objectives. We call it Serenity, as we believe our “Bespoke Now, Serenity Later” approach will take what is usually a pain point and turn it into a strength 

Planning Support (Project Based/Cost based on Scope/# of Employees)
Planning processes often involve a mad scramble to amalgamate data from disparate sources, cross-validate with multiple departments followed by hundreds of mini-reports sent out to key stakeholders, resulting in a dis-jointed, stressful affair. Bespoke Serenity® Planning Support will consolidate, validate and supply relevant planning data to all stakeholders, ensuring new year readiness or re-organizations are a smooth, painless process. 

Quota & Territory Management Support (Project Based/Cost based on Scope/# of Employees)
There is often a disconnect between what is possible to set as quotas and target and what is actually available from a data perspective to leverage as goals. Bespoke Serenity® Quota & Territory Management Support will analyze and assess your data to match up as closely as possible quota elements to what management’s desired compensation strategy. Bringing all quota & territory work into one unified data model will allow effective coverage model analytics, showing gaps as well as over-saturation. We strongly believe that all QTM work should be done under one umbrella, for all parts of your organization that have quotas, Direct Sales, Inside Sales, Product Sales, Engineering Sales, Marketing, Channel Sales, Service Sales, Territory sales, etc. 

Sales Visibility (Ongoing/Cost based on # of Employees, optional inbound support)
Salespeople are naturally geared to focus on the business they’ve brought in; nothing is more frustrating to a salesperson than not knowing if she’s gotten credit for the work that she’s done. A happy salesforce depends upon reliable, often daily, insight into all the business they’re responsible for. When sales has reliable, comprehensive data, they can focus more of their attention on driving their attainment higher, rather than fighting internal battles making sure they get credit for what they have already earned. Bespoke Serenity® Sales Visibility, will give your entire salesforce direct insight into all business they are accountable for. 

Scorecards can be quite complex, and often include non-compensation metrics that are more activity based than revenue based. Bespoke Serenity® Scorecards makes the construction, design and implementation of a scorecard a breeze, taking in different metrics and tying them to a sales hierarchy, allowing for multi-layered and multi-lens scorecards that are consistent across job functions, departments and roles. 

Are people being underpaid? Are people being overpaid? Are quota elements driving the desired behaviour? Bespoke Serenity® Analytics Service will analyze your compensation data to help answer business questions you have about payments made to your salesforce.