Bespoke Velocity®

Bespoke Velocity®
Business Insight and Reporting 

Bespoke Velocity® Suite of Products provide game changing business intelligence, with our broad range of reporting capabilities. We specialize in simplifying the complex, automating the tedious and expanding the surface-level reporting. Whether your organization relies on Excel™ & PowerPoint™ or on Tableau, Bespoke Velocity® will give you unprecedented depth, quality and accuracy while delivering your reporting needs. 

Velocity® Tableau
Tableau is a world leader in interactive business intelligence; in the hands of the Bespoke Velocity® team, we will transform your reporting world to levels never thought possible. Zoom up to the highest level, or drill down to the line-level of data, all in one simple, intuitive, interactive dashboard. We build bespoke dashboards that allow decision makers to ask the questions of the data that they want to ask and have it answered in front of their eyes, rather than waiting two weeks for someone to give them an incomplete answer. Velocity® Tableau is available either as a managed service on our infrastructure, or as a consulting engagement on our client’s infrastructure. Bespoke strongly recommends Tableau over all other business intelligence options. 

Velocity® Excel Automation
Some organizations rely heavily on Excel as a backbone of reporting. At Bespoke, we understand deeply that Excel reporting will always exist and remain as a main stable of business processes, even as business intelligence suites become more and more powerful. Velocity® Excel™ Automation takes the pain out of the process by automatic all the heavy lifting that goes into creating many excel reports, converting them into push-button, 5 minute processes that are error free and scalable to any level. Velocity® Excel™ Automation improves employee engagement, saving subject matter experts valuable time and reducing the amount of cumbersome, repetitive work they are responsible for, allowing them to generate true value-add to the business. 

Velocity® PowerPoint™ Automation
Most organizations have standard monthly and quarterly reports that require copious amounts of work to create. Velocity® PowerPoint™ Automation standardizes all the various data points that go into these decks, and pushes them to one central location where they can be leveraged for all linked reports. Depending on the organization, Bespoke Velocity® PowerPoint™ Automation can take this further and automate all aspects of PowerPoint deck creation, from data, visualizations, insight, analysis and commentary from senior decision makers.