Bespoke Fractal®

Bespoke Fractal® Suite of Products employees our unique, soon to be patented Fractal Matching approach that takes non-linear steps to algorithmically unify disparate, messy data sets into one clean model. Bespoke Fractal® relies heavily on our Organic Intelligence™ program which fuses Artificial Intelligence with Human Intelligence.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        

Fractal® Address Parsing


Bespoke’s Fractal Matching Algorithm provides unparalleled accuracy at parsing and organizing messy address data. Bespoke employs a hybrid algorithm-human approach, with a combination of two unique apps – Fractal Pattern Matching and Recursive Knockout Classification to highlight areas where the two algorithms disagree, signifying the need for human input. The Bespoke Fractal process can achieve accuracy above 99% based on the automated process alone, and near perfection with the hybrid approach. This product is available as either a one-time batch process on current records, or as a permanent feed-back loop to maintain data hygiene. 


Fractal® Customer 360

analytics-2697949_1280Bespoke employs an industry-leading Fractal Matching process to dynamically link company names, employing a hybrid approach wherein all possible connecting data points (Address, Phone Number, Cust IDs, Business Names, etc) are linked, creating a ranked hierarchy of all matches. Our unique process goes beyond merely linking data and employs human understanding of the data, relying heavily on our Organic Intelligence™ program, fusing AI with Human Intelligence. 




Fractal® Data Unification & Translation

dataMost organizations have data sitting in various spots, with disjointed and separated data growing with the organization. Bespoke Fractal® Data Unification & Translation builds a bespoke translation table that links all the various data sources together, by whatever data points (customers, revenue, bookings, additions, etc.) are material to the business. This can be as straightforward as linking bookings/revenue data to salesforce forecasting data, or as complex as linking 8 different billing systems into one unified view. Tables can be maintained on a daily/weekly or monthly basis as either a translation table, or as a standalone data set. 



Fractal® Embedded Organic Intelligence™

Bespoke recommends augmenting data with Fractal® Embedded Organic Intelligence™ metrics. We work with our clients to understand what are the key embedded metrics that they would love to see baked into their data. We then deploy our unique Organic Intelligence approach to embed these metrics in the data. Prime example of this is customer classification/segmentation (SMB, Commercial, Enterprise) via a k-means clustering algorithm, or a propensity-to-buy metric using a multiple linear or logistic regression. Bespoke often recommends “simpler” AI algorithms, as we believe that the predictive model components should be human readable, so that decision makers can understand how their actions translate into results, thus we prefer regressions to random forest or neural network approaches, as the latter examples often result in “black boxes” which make predictions that are hard to pin down the reason for. Organic Intelligence™ is an intense fusing of human insight and artificial intelligence, bringing together the strengths of both, rather than supplanting one over the other.