Embedded Organic Intelligence™

Bespoke recommends augmenting data with Fractal® Embedded Organic Intelligence™ metrics. We work with our clients to understand what are the key embedded metrics that they would love to see baked into their data. We then deploy our unique Organic Intelligence approach to embed these metrics in the data. Prime example of this is customer classification/segmentation (SMB, Commercial, Enterprise) via a k-means clustering algorithm, or a propensity-to-buy metric using a multiple linear or logistic regression. Bespoke often recommends “simpler” AI algorithms, as we believe that the predictive model components should be human readable, so that decision makers can understand how their actions translate into results, thus we prefer regressions to random forest or neural network approaches, as the latter examples often result in “black boxes” which make predictions that are hard to pin down the reason for. Organic Intelligence™ is an intense fusing of human insight and artificial intelligence, bringing together the strengths of both, rather than supplanting one over the other.